JPS Industries Holdings LCC

Welcome to JPS Industries Holdings LLC

JPS is a major U.S. manufacturer of mechanically formed glass and aramid substrate materials for specialty applications in a wide expanse of markets requiring highly engineered components.  JPS is headquartered in Anderson, South Carolina.


JPS's products are used in a wide range of applications including: printed electronic circuit boards; advanced composite materials; civilian and military aerospace components; filtration and insulation products; specialty commercial construction substrates; medical, automotive and industrial components; and soft body armor for civilian and military applications. 









Aerospace                         Defense                                  Infrastructure

   Ÿ  Civilian aircraft             Ÿ  Radar/Radomes                    Ÿ  Cement manufacturing

   Ÿ  Military aircraft            Ÿ  Satellites                               Ÿ  Industrial reinforcements

   Ÿ  Space craft                        - Military                                                                   

                                                 - Civilian                                


Commercial and Industrial         Electrical                        Security and Safety      

Construction                       Ÿ  Printed circuit boards          Ÿ Soft body armor

   Ÿ  EIFS                             Ÿ  Electronics                               - Civilian

   Ÿ  Industrial insulation     Ÿ  Internet infrastructure              - Military

                                                                                            Ÿ  Armored vehicles   

Consumer                              Industrial                                 - Military

   Ÿ  Recreational products    Ÿ  Automotive components                 

      -  Boats/kayaks               Ÿ  Oil and gas pipelines                          

      -  Surf boards                 Ÿ  Utilities                                 

      -  Skis                            Ÿ  Wind energy                                     

   Ÿ  Electronics                    Ÿ Medical diagnostic instruments              

      -  Cell phones                                                                  

      -  Computers